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Who is Paula Delores?


I am a beautiful soul, wandering God’s earth in pursuit of wholeness. I am a goal-driven, multi-passionate entrepreneur, who also enjoys socializing with a nice glass of cabernet.

i am founder of the melanated bar a natural skincare line and lifestyle brand that elevates mind, body, and spirit through self.


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the melanated bar

The Melanated Bar mission is to embolden women to live a whole life. Our products and community gives you an opportunity to tune out life distractions and truly discover yourself. We are a brand dedicated to inspire self love, self care, and self awareness in every home which our products live.



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the melanated bar

The Melanated Bar emboldens people to live their true lives. Our natural skincare products gives our customers a chance to disconnect from the world and discover who they truly are. We a truly a brand dedicated to inspire self love, self care, and self awareness.

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This community aligns women with resources to learn how to cater to their mind, body, and soul through self. It provides a safe space, learning atmosphere, and social sisterhood for women. We are looking for women who can benefit from self-care, self-love, and self-awareness. If this is you join today and add a girlfriend (or 2). Launch date will be June 14th.


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 Think. Create. Breathe.

Green Sock Co is a design company that brings your vision to life. I’ve been creating and designing for over 7 years and have gained experience in marketing materials, party decor, t-shirts and more. I strive for perfection in every creation I make. Explore my creations today, and hire me for any of your design needs.