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Hey Hey!

I’m Paula Delores!

I am a chicago native, stl living, frequent florida traveler mompreneur. i absolutely love having autonomy in my life, and that is why i have been hustling since 92’.


I was always a hustler, but not always a business owner…


As a kid i babysat alot, so i can have the freedom to do what i want. even in college i ran my own cleaning side hustle while working two jobs. i literally posted ads around campus and on fb marketplace about my cleaning services. before i knew it, i was cleaning 2-3 houses each weekend; with new referrals monthly.

5 years later, i am founder and ceo of a flourishing natural skincare line & lifestyle brand — the melanated bar, founder and head designer of a design/inspo company — Green sock co, and a personal brand, Paula Delores.

besides being a boss, you can catch me sippin’ on my favorite wine, & dancing with my daughters like no one is watching.


my mission

My life mission is to help women become one with themselves. I strive to do this by teaching and offering products to cater to their mind, body, and spirit.

it truly makes my spirit full of joy when i speak with women from different walks of life, and i am able to encourage them, or console them in anyway possible with nothing in return. in a world full of people who listen to respond, i aspire to be the person to listen to understand. i’ll be here , i see you, & i hear you.

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A Gift For You.

planning my day out is one of the many ways i self care. i am a person who thrives with structure and without it, i am running around aimlessly. having a daily planner with my priorities, and goals for the day written down keeps me productive and focused.

if you find yourself jumping from task to task, being forgetful, or having unproductive days. I dare you to download my daily planner and watch your life transform by becoming intentional.

Snag your copy below.




If you’re struggling to find natural skincare products that truly work, The Melanated Bar is here. Plus our products give you a push to spend extra time on self :)


launching june 14th this group is going to be the virtual sisterhood you always wanted. you will find topics about everything self, while connecting with like-minded women.


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 Let’s Connect

I’d love to chat with you more! i love collaborations, invitations to events, and simply a friendly chat. email me at