Don’t Disappear 💪🏾

Disclaimer: skinny does not equal fit/healthy. 

How it started. 

I literally made a joke about missing a meal. “If I miss one more meal I’m probably going to disappear”. That’s when it hit me. If I missed one more meal I would metaphorically disappear in appearance but also physically. My health would decline and I would literally not be here anymore.  

This was the day I decided to take control of my health. I have already changed my lifestyle habits by cutting out everyday toxic foods and products but it was time I took my health to the physical aspect. 


I have always been tiny my entire life. Even after 2 kids I have never reached over 135lbs full term pregnant. And I always dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight shortly after birth.  I was told it was just my genetics, and I was meant to be small. 


In June 2018 I was only 106 lbs.  


Doesnt seem bad? But let’s take in account that I had a terrible appetite and I was not active.  I would eat at max 1000 calories a day IF THAT! I did not take vitamins, and I drank a lot of wine. My health was TERRIBLE. It was only a matter of time before complications that accompany underweight people rolled in. 

Why now?

June 2018 I decided that it was time to take control of my health. I have two beautiful daughters who deserve to have a healthy mama. I just could not imagine not giving them everything they deserved because I was too lazy/selfish to work on my health.

Where I am today!

October 2018 I am 123 lbs! I eat at minimum 2300 calories, and I workout at home 5-6x a week!

My health and fitness journey isn’t all about weight gain, more so then just living an overall healthy, fit lifestyle! 

March 2018 (106lbs) to Sept 2018 (120lbs)

March 2018 (106lbs) to Sept 2018 (120lbs)

What’s my goal?

I am not at my finish point yet, and I honestly don’t see one. My goal is to transform my health and to sit back and enjoy the changes that will come with it! 

March 2018 (106 lbs) to Sept 2018 (120 lbs)

March 2018 (106 lbs) to Sept 2018 (120 lbs)

I am here for you.

To those who struggle with weight, struggle with a poor appetite you are not alone. And we can work together to fix it! I will post the resources I used to get me to where I am today, & I pray it blesses your life and health <3