3 FREE, Simple Steps To Get Clear Skin.

3 Free, Simple steps to get clear skin #clearskin #acneprone #healthandbeauty #skincare

Heyyyy! Look I am going to keep this short and sweet:

*Disclaimer, what works for some, may not work for you. Find what works for you and roll with it. I am not a licensed dermatologist*

I’ve noticed a complete 360 in my skin when I began to implement 3 things in my skin care routine. It’s so simple and easy I guarantee you can do it too.


Wash your pillowcase WEEKLY, sis. Although I wash my face at night before bed (you should too) it is important to wash or change my pillow case weekly. Think about it, I lay my hair on the same pillow daily and my hair typically has a-lot of product in it, some nights I sweat, and if you’re a slobber like me, add that to the equation too. Sleeping on this nightly causes my skin to breakout, and even enlarge my pores. So although I have a BOMB skincare routine, not changing my pillowcase weekly contradicts all of my hard work :)

Fun Fact: your skin secretes oils, even while you’re sleep, so BOOM yet another reason I change my pillowcase weekly.



Keep your hands out of your face. As tempting as it is to lean over while I’m bored to hold my head up, I DON’T. I touch so many things throughout the day and no matter how much I wash my hands, they still carry oils, dirt, and bacteria that can have a terrible effect on my skin. Especially if you’re not doing #3 below. So next time you think about, putting your hands up to your face don’t. And if you need a reality check, tomorrow when you wake up count how many times (as you remember) you touch your face. I guarantee it’ll be a-lot! YIKES!



GIRL IF YOU DON’T DISINFECT YOUR PHONE! Please please please do it. I sit my phone down in so many unimaginable places. Restaurant/Bar tables, the bathroom, passing my phone to my child who may or may not have washed their hands after doing who knows what. Next thing I know it’s up to my face while I’m talking on the phone.. My phone is probably the germiest thing ever, and I disinfect it, daily HA! You can grab lysol wipes from any store near you, and clean your phone as your remember.


See SIMPLE. FREE ways to get clear skin. Let me know your thoughts or if these tips help you out <3

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