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Welcome to The Melanated Bar x influencer portal

I am so happy you would like to partner with us,

and help spread our mission. Please explore the page, and let us know if this is the right fit for you :)




our mission at the melanated bar is to embolden women to live an authentic life. Our products and community gives you an opportunity to tune out life distractions and truly discover yourself. We are a brand dedicated to self-love, self-care, and self-awareness.


Where do you come in?

As a small, but growing business it can be challenging to break through barriers to compete with larger, well known businesses. And as social media marketing continues to be the best way to spread brand awareness, we are kicking up our game and partnering with Influencers.


We are looking for influencers:

  • that advocate for self-care

  • love natural products

  • photogentic/videogentic (if thats a word lol)


  • high social media presence & engagement

  • follower count of 1k+

  • commit to at least a two week contract

influencer expectations:

  • minimum 5 page posts in a two week span on instagram, facebook (if applicable), & Twitter (if applicable), story posts/IGTV if comfortable in video

  • high quality photos, raw/or edited be sent to

  • must show product being applied, fully applied and washed off

We are looking for influencers to show our products being used in a relaxing, yet exciting vibe. Examples are masking and reading, masking and bubble bath, masking and drinking (anything). We also encourage you to be creative with this project by showing how you self care.

Product Offerings:

  • clay facials

  • Body Butters

  • Body Oils

  • toners & Serum

  • Essential Oil Blends

What do i get out of it?!

because we are a small-business we are unable to compensate with cash. this is one of the many reasons we are looking for novice influencers who are looking for opportunities to expand their portfolio. we are giving out full size products to our partners and after our two week contract is up, if our partnership is a success we will offer more benefits (i.e. discount codes to share, freebies of new releases )


how to partner with us:

If you see yourself partnering with a brand that advocates for self-care, emboldens women to discover themselves, all while elevating body, mind, and spirit then fill out the form below! we will be rolling out our first program in 2 weeks! before launch day i will hold a live conference for onboarding and to relay more communications :)

love, paula (founder of tmb)





  • Natural ingredients

  • Cold-pressed organic oils

  • Clays and minerals from the earth tO

    give our products natural colors

  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils



  • Parabens & Phthalates

  • Sulfates or Silicones

  • DEA & Formaldehyde

  • Fillers

  • Mineral oils or Petroleum


Our Values


We are proud to be a small business who products are made right in the USA.

Animal Testing

None of our products are tested on animals. In fact, our Owner Paula Delores test each small batch personally before products are shipped out.


All of our materials and packaging are made out of recyclable materials when possible.



Paula was/is such a pleasure to work with! As an influencer, I really felt that I was able to effectively execute our collaboration because she provided me with creative freedom on top of professional direction. She is extremely organized and understanding which also helped the collaboration to run smoothly! I am so excited to see her brand expand and would love to work with her again on future projects!