Can you have it all, without having it all?

Check on your mommy friends. We normally hear, check on everyone else, but I rarely hear.

Check on your mommy friends.

I can post a trillion screenshots from my text messages of people telling me:

  • You make it look so easy

  • You handle being a mom so well

  • Super mom

  • and so on.

Those text messages literally make me CRINGE. Cringe because I don’t know whether I want to accept that, because in real life. I’m constantly yelling, crying, or too busy with life I don’t have time to sit down and seriously evaluate how I AM FEELING or if maybe I am really managing well and I don’t realize it?

This beautiful portrait by  Ashley Walker  . Perfectly sums up how I feel being a mom.

This beautiful portrait by Ashley Walker . Perfectly sums up how I feel being a mom.

Some days are bad, and some are WORSE. Like yesterday for example. My 2 year old is teething, and ever since we came home from our vacation she has been screaming at me, and tugging on me, and wanting to be held. Long story short my nerves are FRIED. I’m juggling her, making dinner, and head downstairs to switch laundry over in the verge of tears, because of all the other things I need to do TONIGHT and it’s already 10p.

Just when I thought life couldn’t stress me out more. I pull a few clothes out the washer to toss in the dryer, and within my next reach into the washer, I pull out a massive, bursted pull up. (Yep this perfect mom washed a pull up smh).

For those who don’t know, diapers/pull ups are filled with some absorbent material and when the diaper is past its threshold to absorb liquid. IT EXPLODES.

It got everywhere. It’s in the washer, mixed in the clothes, on the floor, and now in the dryer. I just turned around and went back upstairs.

You may think this one day, really tore you down…man up? NOPE this is at least 5 days a week. I am juggling being a wife, mom, and full time business owner (2 businesses to be exact), on top of all my other responsibilities. Trying to keep everyone alive, and barely holding on to a thread myself.

My point is if you have a mommy friend check on her please. Even a simple good morning, how are you? Because again we rarely have time to sit down and reflect on how we are feeling unless it is brought up by someone else. I’m not asking for anyone to come take the kids, just asking for you to bring a mom you know back down to reality and an ear to listen.

As I continue to discuss my mom life, and work at home life, I will begin discovering ways to manage stress in my life, and prioritizing things. I felt the need to be transparent because well I have friends and family who really need to know what’s going on and also so the super mom texts can stop rolling through.