3 Ways To Remember Your Identity

Some days I feel like a zombie, it’s either work, kids, husband or chores and nothing more. There’s rarely a time I have a second to myself.

It’s like I lose some of my identity when I don’t designate time for myself DAILY.

When I lose a piece of me I forget what I like to do and often times I have to think really hard about “if I could do anything right now what would I do”? After all how could you not know what makes YOUR SOUL HAPPY? What restores you.

But when you lose your identity or neglect yourself its really easy to pull a blank.

So for my sake + yours here are 3 things you can do when you lose your identity:

  • Spend 15 minutes a day meditating, journaling, or talking to yourself. You’ll be surprised how much you will discover about you by doing this often.

  • Flip through old pictures/memories from happy moments in your past. Remembering past memories can help you recall things about yourself that you used to like/enjoy that you might’ve forgot as years went by.

  • Stay off social media. I’ll say it again stay off social media. It’s easy to lose yourself/thoughts when you are constantly bombarded by other people lives, problems, and situations. How can you possibly figure out yourself when you have 1000 other people living in your head. You can’t and it’ll cause a ton of confusion.

Next time you find yourself lost, confused, or overwhelmed try these three things out and let me know how it goes by dropping a comment below or even emailing me at info@pauladelores.com.

Paula ClarkeComment