Becoming Intentional.

How I Use my daily planner

Juggling life responsibilities can be hard and some days impossible. It has taken me at least 3 months to get some type of schedule solidified and I still have slip ups here and there. However since I made my own daily planner, I am able to set my priorities to be done for the day, little tasks that I could accomplish in between time, and also a section for errands. Because let's be real I will need toothpaste from Target and will leave out with new hair products, some socks, and probably a new reusable water canister, HA and - forget the toothpaste.

My problem was before I began to plan my day I would wake up and not know what to do first. It seems like I always had 1000 things to do, and never know where to start. I would get up wander in the kitchen, back to the bedroom and play on social media. Before I know it, it’s 11am and I did absolutely nothing productive. For those who do not know me, I have two businesses, 2 children, and a husband. I literally could not afford to waste time anymore. Not having a productive day would cause my anxiety and stress levels to rise, which led to me affecting my children, husband, and businesses. I had enough. It was time to “reclaim my time” and that is exactly what I did.

What’s included in my daily planner:

Daily Affirmation to start your day

Top Priority (3)

Hourly Planner (8am-9pm)

Tasks List (household, personal, business, financial)

To Go and To Buy (Errands)

Notes/Brain Dump

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Just to give you a little inside look of my life, and also help you understand why I swear by this planner I listed what my day to day looks like below.

Hourly Planner

8am- Wake up, have a cup of coffee and start my daily Spanish lesson (still in bed, yikes)

9am- Get dressed would typically knock out number 1 priority for the day.

10am- Start breakfast, complete a small task from the task list, and get girls dressed for the day.

11am- Meditate, and spend time with girls before school.

12pm- Drop oldest at school, run errands, and/or do a small task from the list.

1pm- #2 Priority for the day

2pm- Lunch, and some household tasks.

3pm- Pick up oldest from school, clean up, and social media time

4pm- Priority #3 and complete something from the task list

5pm- Start dinner, and chill with family

6pm- Gym time

7pm- Dinner, and straighten house up.

8pm- Task or Chill time

9pm- Get ready for bed.


Now I know this looks busy, but just imagine if I did not prioritize my day, list the things I need to get done or do brain dumps throughout the day. I would have wasted so much time, trying to think of what I should do next. Now…by no means do my days stay on schedule, but it is amazing to have something to look at and get me back on track when I realize I have been sitting in the same spot for an hour plus. My planner has been such a blessing to my family and I that I would love to bless you as well. Get your free daily planner below!

If you’re interested in a personal daily planner, that suits your daily lifestyle. I would love to chat with you to discuss your needs and create a planner for you. Send me an email at!

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Paula Clarke