From Hobby to Business

My sister Christa has tried to get me to listen to Side Hustle Pro all year. I pushed it off and pushed it off until I literally forgot all about it shrugs.

Now that I am a lot more focused on my business, The Melanated Bar I am realizing more and more that I really need some insight, advice, and even motivation to help me get my brand to the next level. Traditional books just did not work for me any more.

  1. Because I could not relate to the super real estate agent who came from a multi-million family already.

  2. My brand is such a niche that I need very strategic advice, and books were way to broad and long winded.

  3. I am a black women in modern times, so our journey is slightly different from others in the world.

Pretty much, I wanted to learn from the people who have similar backgrounds, and similar brands. Down the road sure I will expand my knowledge and get information else where but now Side Hustle Pro it is (and it’s amazing!)

I listened to 6 podcasts in particular recently about start-ups, getting your niche brand into stores, and how to market your brand.

I have been so complacent in my business that I honestly would not have called it a business until about 2 months ago. I did 0 vendor events, I barely marketed outside of my small network, and I also only used Etsy as my platform to sell.

There was so much knowledge being dropped by women on this podcast, that just had me clapping and screaming “yaaaasssss" the whole time. I can honestly say because I tuned in, I signed up for 2 vendor events both within the next few weeks, I set up business meetings with people who goals align with mine, and I also began to plan out my days/weeks strategically.

To my followers, and supporters thank you for being there, and supporting me. I truly would not be where I am today, without you. You have watched my brand transform from handwritten labels, almost there but not really labels, to the “oooo The Melanated Bar is now in Target labels”!

With that being said, I am looking to work with individuals in STL/Chicago that can help me expand and add value to my brand please let me know.

I am looking for :

  • Product Photographers/Videographers

  • Marketing Specialists

  • Content Curators

  • Models

  • Influencers

If you know of any one or if you are one! Please email me at

Thank you!