The Golden Ticket: Master Your Card 2018 w/ Blavity

Blavity, Mastercard, and National Urban League hosted a Master Your Card Women’s Entrepreneurship Brunch in STL this past weekend (10.27.18). & if you missed this empowering event it’s okay I got you covered.

There were 3 key note speakers at this event, and let me tell you the knowledge and tips they dropped were a GOLD MINE!

Opening the Brunch Wendy Richardson, SVP of Customer Technical Communications, Mastercard spoke about financial literacy and what tools Mastercard has for business owners, she also touched on having all payments digital so that you can keep track of everything! Interested in their payment options and need tips as a small business owner, head over to Mastercard NOW!

Fireside Chat with Blavity

CEO of Blavity, Morgan Debaun had a fireside chat with Wendy where they touched on being a women entrepreneur, how she grew her business, and tips on running a business.


While owning your own business seems fun, alot of people don’t realize that it comes with a lot of hard work. During the brunch Morgan discussed money management and it’s importance for business. Some of her key points were:

  • Track everything that comes in and out of your account, so that you can accurately track your revenue

  • Write down all of your living expenses so you can know how much money you really need to live

  • REDUCE living costs as much as you can (for me this means getting rid of Apple Music haha)

Throughout the fireside chat with Morgan, tons of questions were asked and alot of wisdom was given. Morgan was asked one question that drew me in, “how do you manage stress?” Her reply was to mediate, workout, or do anything that you love to do. She mentioned that she was a heavy mediator and that you can even find her in her office many times a day mediating. She offered some advice that many don’t think about and that is to figure out how you manifest stress.

A lot of people don’t realize how they manifest their stress and knowing this will help you know when you need to take a step back and do whatever you do to get rid of your stress.

Last but not least, Alexandra Butler, Entrepreneur + Professional Makeup Artist had a Q+A session where she discussed how she went from being an engineer to a full-time Professional Makeup Artist.


During Alexandra’s Q+A session, she brought up how she quit her full-time engineering job to live out her dreams, and man are they manifesting. Quit her job, moved to ATL, worked at MAC Cosmetics, to becoming her own boss. She has worked on the set of Love and Hip Hop, and also just did some recent work for Missy Elliott and the AMA’s.

While working at MAC Alexandra said she worked on her elevator pitch all day, it was to the point where she was even talking to herself in the car!

Always have your elevator pitch ready, ALWAYS. Make a point to practice it all day, no matter where you are.

Alexandra perfected her pitch and started living her dreams. She went on to say that being a business owner/entrepreneur you need to be sure to save. Save as much as you can and do not touch it unless you absolutely have to!

During her Q+A she mentioned the importance of also having an accountant. She said don’t just use anyone because every one does not specialize in business taxes, be sure that whoever you choose is aligned with your mission, and don’t be afraid to fire them and find someone else. Alexandra, Q+A was so inspiring I literally had to run to her after the event to ask her for some tips about creating an elevator pitch and how she was able to market herself as MUA in a world full of MUA!

Need an investor?

Investors was a major topic at this brunch. Almost each key-note speaker spoke about the importance of investors (if needed), how to look for the right ones , and being open with our investors with our needs. Here is some information about what you need to know about investors:

  • Many times when investors are thought of, we think they are choosing us, when in all actuality you are ultimately choosing them as well. Morgan shared her experiences with investors and how some did not align with her mission so she did not accept the partnership.

  • Be open with your investors about your needs. So if you need $100,000 from your investor ask for it, if you need to get into an event tell your investor, if you need guidance with something tell your investor. Your investor is a major team member in your brand and 9/10 they have what you need.

  • There are programs out there that can help you find investors. Archangels being one of them. They also use “mock angels” to help you with your pitch so when the day comes to pitch to real investors you can be ready.

I will say it again THIS BRUNCH WAS TRULY EMPOWERING. Networking with other Women Entrepreneurs was amazing, and it was such a beautiful brunch. Below you’ll find some GOLDEN NUGGETS that were given at the brunch! Golden Nuggets:

  • Be obsessed with practicing your pitch

  • Do not hold grudges against those who turn your pitch down

  • Be specific about what you need from your investors

  • If you are being pulled to much, charge more for your time

  • Wherever you do business be sure it will give you growth

Of course I had to represent my brand The Melanated Bar. I gave out samples to the guests and even talked about certain skin conditions that some deal with it. I curated a gift for Morgan, CEO of Blavity, called Boss Blends. Boss Blends is a 3 pack of roller-blends of essential oils to help any boss throughout their day. Explore more about the Boss Blends and gift it to your favorite boss in your life.

Peace & Love.

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