Pop Up Shop Whaaaat?!

Okay I’m going to be honest, I am bit nervous about my very first Pop Up Shop. I am a new business owner and talking to a group of people can sometimes be uncomfortable. So I came up with this great idea to have some bubbly at my event to take the first time jitters away.

Anywho, behind the nervousness is a whole lot of excitement and anticipation! This pop up shop won’t be like the others bombarding you with products and information, instead it’s going to be very zen and laid back.

The reason I am having a pop up shop is to really spread brand awareness about TMB, and to connect with you. When you hear The Melanated Bar is a natural skincare line, you may shy away because well it may not be that interesting to you. However, The Melanated Bar is much more then that. TMB is truly a brand dedicated to self care, self love, and self awareness and at this event I will be giving tips about how you can practice these and why it’s important.

I want you to grab a friend and come out Sunday enjoy light refreshment, mimosas, and have a chance to win our Ultimate Self Care gift set.

What comes in it?

  • The Melanated Bar Body Butter

  • The Melanated Bar Lavender Facial Mask

  • The Melanated Bar 2 oz Body Oil

  • The Melanated Bar Facial Serum

  • Posh Candle Co, Time to Relax Candle w/ Matches

  • Tea cup, with Tazo, Zen tea

  • Pair of Cozy Socks

    I personally put this gift set together to give a special someone a moment of self care.

…But there’s more

No worries if you don’t win the ultimate self care gift set, I will have free samples of my best sellers at the event as well :)

Come out and enjoy some champagne with The Melanated Bar and grab some free goodies!

See you Sunday <3

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Paula Clarke