Boss Blends

Boss Blends

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This Blend is curated for the Bosses out there.

Being a boss is hard. Dealing with fatigue, distractions and even trying to rest after a long day can be harder. The Melanated Bar curated this 3pk essential oil blend to help you throughout your day!

This 3pk blend features 100% certified essential oils from lavender, to cedarwood.

Not the right blend for you, this will make the perfect gift for any boss in your life.


  • Energy Roller blend with essential oils to perk your mood up, get you energized, and assists with energy crashes.

  • Focus Roller blend with essential oils known to keep your focus on work, helps with stimulation of the brain so new ideas can be sparked.

  • Relax Roller blend with essential oils to soothe the mind and body, helps unwind after a long stimulating day.

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Use liberally as needed. Apply to neck and wrist and other tense areas.

Gift Box available for additional $3.


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Peace and Love.