White Willow Bark: A must have skincare ingredient!


Natural Toner and Exfoliant with 1 ingredient: White Willow Bark (WWB).

White Willow Bark is known for its natural exfoliant properties and also its ability to produce salicylic acid. Widely used in many skincare products it can also be used alone topically.

Here are the main facts White Willow Bark is so popular!

Fact 1: As mentioned above WWB is a natural toner and exfoliant.

Fact 2: WWB controls sebum (the natural oil your skin produces) which helps unclog pores, and lead to clearer skin.

Fact 3: Perfect for all skin types. No matter if you have dry or oily skin WWB can benefit your skin greatly. With its natural exfoliant properties those who suffer from dry skin will notice WWB buffing dead and damaged skin cells away. Allowing for healthy skin cells to be produced. Those with oily skin will benefit from the oil balancing and cleansing benefits from WWB.


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