3 Ways to Journal For Self Care!


I decided to write this post for those who have been told “Journal Sis, it’s life changing” and it has left you with thoughts about: “how, what, when and why should I journal?”


Journaling is a therapeutic way to work through thoughts and emotions that are inside of your subconscious. It provides a channel of communication between your internal thoughts and outward responses.


You can journal whenever you see fit. It can be during a moment of feeling overwhelmed, happiness, sadness. But the most important part of when you should journal is when you truly feel the need. (trust me you’ll know).


You can journal about a moment in your day where you did something nice for someone, when someone did something nice for you. Journal about the exact moment when you felt stressed or down. This will help you recognize triggers and keep track of triggers; helping you avoid them in the future.


Use the notepad in your phone, head to Target or Amazon and purchase a notebook that speaks to you and makes you feel like journaling. Not a huge writer? Are you a talker? Have Siri or Alexa take a voice memo or write a transcript of you working through your thoughts.

Here are 3 prompts to help you start your journal journey:

  1. Forgive yourself

  2. List things you are grateful for

  3. Write out your dreams

There you have 3 ways to start your self care journey through journaling. do you have some journal prompts you would like to share? if so post them in the comments below!

Paula Delores