How to Find My Skin Type? Free Skincare Guide.

Just like hair type, determining your skin type can be tricky too. You have to take in a bunch of factors and variables. But with this Free Skincare Guide we can figure this out together!


Here are the 4 basic categories and 1 subcategory.

Dry skin:

little to no moisture. tight and uncomfortable skin that lacks shine. more prone to wrinkles. those with dry skin should avoid products with alcohol & harsh cleansers. people with dry skin should moisturize within seconds after washing face while still damp. the dampness in skin locks in moisture.

TMB Facial Recommendation: Lavender Clay Facial

normal skin:

skin is well balanced. typically no breakouts, and low pore visibility. people with normal skin should strive to use products that aid in acne prevention. they should also use products with spf to avoid sun damage that can create problems.

TMB Facial Recommendation:Charcoal Clay facial & Lavender clay facial


t-zone has large pores. the forehead, t-zone, and chin area are typically oily. while the rest of the face is dry. use a gentle cleanser and use blotters to blot away oil throughout the day. those with combination skin benefit highly from multi-masking.

TMB Facial Recommendation: Charcoal clay Facial & Sea Clay Facial

oily skin:

very large pores over majority of face. those with oily skin typically become oily 2-3 hours after washing face. oily skin can benefit drastically from clay cleansers and masks. clay absorbs oil from skin, and also helps clear pores.


Subcategory; Sensitive Skin:

Reactive skin, and low tolerance to many products. skin signs of redness and irritation. those with sensitive skin should do test on small patches of skin before using a product to avoid reactions. should avoid using harsh toners and exfoliants.


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