Daily Facial Serum

Daily Facial Serum

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The Melanated Bar Facial Serum has an outstanding, healthy blend of organic oils for repairing skin cells, shrinking pores, and protection from daily toxins.

Our organic serum feeds your skin multiple nutrients and antioxidants that penetrate through all the skin layers.

This serum is a dry oil and will not leave your skin greasy, or shiny. It is a great addition to every skin care routine, and all skin types. **************************************************

Wholesale Information:

Minimum order of 1 Case per order.

Serums are ordered by the case. Case come with 6 items.

Turn around time for wholesale orders are currently 5-7 business days. Not including shipping.

If you require any additional information please contact Paula directly at 618-972-6953 or info@pauladelores.com.

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